TikTok star’s Sydney racism ordeal

A Sydney woman has been brought to the edge of tears when she said he was racially abused simply for getting to a parking spot first.

“I didn’t think racism could hit so hard,” said model and social media influencer Lizzie Cao.

“I’m actually shaking.”

Ms Cao took to TikTok to describe what happened at the car park in Maroubra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

She had decided to head out for the day to do some second hand clothes shopping.

Entering a car park in the beachside suburb she noticed a car, with a female driver, “kind of blocking the entrance,” but she managed to squeeze around the vehicle and then search for a place to park.

As a space became free, Ms Cao said she started indicating to claim the spot and then inched in.

But then the car that was at the entrance drove up behind her.

“She starts beeping at me. And then she pulls around and rolls the window down and I explained ‘hey, sorry, like I already put my indicator on’.

“And then she proceeds to be like, ‘but I got here before you,’ and I was like, ‘yeah, you may have got here before me, but I claimed the spot first. Like I put my indicators on.’”

It was at this point that Ms Cao began to look clearly distressed.

“And I can’t believe she was like, ‘just like this country, I got here first’

“My background is full Chinese but I am Australian,” said Ms Cao.

“I just didn’t think in this day and age like racism could hit so hard.

“It was just such a confronting experience.”

The clip has now been viewed almost half a million times.

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