Zelenskyy vows Ukraine

Vinnytsia, Ukraine — Russia’s invading forces have left Kherson, but they’re still raining terror down on the southern Ukrainian city’s people. “I hate the Russians,” said Lilia, after finding her mother’s body. Natasha was killed just a few steps from the safety of her home by a Russian missile strike. Lilia’s father died hours later, … Read more

Eye Opener: Amazon workers protest

Eye Opener: Amazon workers protest – CBS News Watch CBS News Amazon workers and activists in more than 30 countries protested for better pay and working conditions on Black Friday. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with mothers of the very soldiers he sent to the battlefields of Ukraine. All that and all that matters … Read more

Putin tells mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine he ‘shares this pain’

President Vladimir Putin has told mothers of killed Russian soldiers that he empathised with them, saying he shared in their suffering and loss of their sons. In a meeting today with the bereaved mothers of Russian military killed on the frontline of his war, Putin said that he shared their pain and told them not to … Read more

The West is struggling to set an oil price cap that hurts Russia | CNN Business

LondonCNN Business  —  Allies of Ukraine want to put a price limit on Russian oil. But there’s a problem: They can’t agree on a number that would actually pile pressure on the Kremlin. The West’s biggest economies agreed earlier this year to cap the price of Russia’s most valuable export and vowed to hash out … Read more

Ex-Ukraine leader and former U.S. commander urge U.S. to hold firm as Kyiv fights

Kyiv, Ukraine — From rocket systems to anti-tank missiles, American weapons have been game changing in Ukraine’s war against Russia’s invading forces. In recent weeks, the armaments have helped Ukrainian forces recapture significant swaths of territory in the south and east of the country. Petro Poroshenko, who served as the President of Ukraine between 2014 … Read more

Merkel: There was nothing I could do about Putin

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she no longer saw any possibility of influencing Russian President Vladimir Putin toward the end of her term in office. In an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, Merkel talked about her final encounters with Putin, saying that throughout her farewell visit to Moscow in August 2021 she … Read more

Russian Duma gives LGBTQ ‘propaganda’ bill final approval

MOSCOW — Russian lawmakers on Thursday gave their final approval to a bill that significantly expands restrictions on activities seen as promoting gay rights in the country, another step in a years-long crackdown on the country’s embattled LGBTQ community. The new bill expands a ban on what authorities call “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to … Read more

Jeremy Hunt says help with high household energy bills will END in 2024

Jeremy Hunt warned that taxpayers will not underwrite high domestic energy bills for longer than another 18 months as he warned families had to ‘change their behaviour’ and use less power. The Chancellor said the current Energy Bills Support Scheme was projected to cost up to £120billion and its ‘cushion’ would be removed in the … Read more

Moscow reportedly depleted significant amount of its missiles

Russian forces have reportedly depleted a significant amount of their high-precision missiles, according to the Institute for the Study of War. However, it added that Moscow will likely still be able to attack critical infrastructure in Ukraine. The ISW had previously assessed that Russia is becoming increasingly dependent on Iran for the provision of high-precision … Read more

Signed flags and tears of joy – but liberated Kherson is not out of danger yet

“You can’t walk one minute in Kherson without someone coming to hug you, give you flowers, ask you to autograph their flag,” says Oliksiy Guzenko, a Ukrainian special forces soldier with a beaming smile and sharp tinted sunglasses. He’s holding a bouquet of sunflowers, just one of the gifts that have been thrust on him and other Ukrainian soldiers … Read more