How to get the best range from an electric car – plus top tips for battery efficiency

We spoke to Linda Noble, one of the Mission Motorsport hypermilers. She was medically discharged from the army in 2018 after an 18-year military career, and proved to be one of the most efficient drivers on the Mission Motorsport hypermile record team, despite having never driven an electric car before.  Advice from a record-breaker “Drive … Read more

King Charles III coronation: When is he officially crowned and what happens next?

Just as Queen Elizabeth II, the King will be crowned with the St Edward’s Crown, which is made of solid gold and features over 400 gemstones, including rubies, garnets and sapphires. Over 8,000 guests from 129 nations travelled to Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 but, in contrast, guests at … Read more

How long is the queue to see the Queen lying in state? Live queue tracker and where it starts

Some mourners were surprised to see David Beckham, the former England captain on Friday, who queued for more than 12 hours on Friday. “I thought by coming at 2am it was going to be a little bit quieter – I was wrong,” he told ITV News after successfully negotiating the line. Hundreds of thousands of … Read more

How to watch the Queen’s funeral – live TV, radio and online coverage details for Monday

What time will the funeral be shown on TV? The duties will begin at 6.30am, with the service at Westminster Abbey taking place at 11am. A second, committal service will be held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, which will also be televised. Who is presenting the funeral coverage on TV?  BBC television coverage will … Read more

Queen’s funeral: Who’s in the procession – and who will walk behind the coffin?

Windsor procession: who will walk behind the coffin?   The Earl Marshal said that at 3.06pm, the state hearse will approach Shaw Farm Gate on Albert Road, Windsor, and join the procession which will be in position. At 3.10pm the procession will step off via Albert Road, Long Walk, Cambridge Gate, Cambridge Drive, George IV … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s death: A minute-by-minute guide to her state funeral on Monday

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was moved in procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday, where it will lie until the day of her funeral. Britain’s longest serving monarch will be honoured with a full state funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19, featuring every element of pomp with personal touches … Read more

Queen’s funeral guest list: who is invited and who is not?

HH Amir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, Emir of Qatar, will also be attending the funeral, according to a source familiar with the Qatari leadership. Israel’s president will be present, however the prime minister will not attend. Although Iran’s Supreme Leader will not be attending, the BBC’s James Lansdale confirmed that the country would be … Read more

How long is the queue to see the Queen lying in state – and where does it start?

What do I do about food and drink? While food and drink cannot be taken into the Palace, mourners will be able to leave and rejoin the queue in order to buy refreshments and use portaloos. Flasks or water bottles, except clear water bottles which must be emptied of their contents before you enter the … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession map: The route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey

Ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, September 19, the late Queen’s coffin will travel from Scotland to London. It will be the first state funeral to take place at Westminster Abbey since Winston Churchill’s in 1965. The date of the late Queen’s funeral will be marked as an official bank holiday in England, … Read more

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Fridges and freezers, switched on 24/7, are among the most energy hungry items in your kitchen. Older fridge-freezers can cost as much as £500 a year, though a new one can cost a tenth of that according to the Centre for Sustainable Energy. But CSE points out that not defrosting your freezer regularly can add … Read more