Analysis: As Russia raises nuclear specter in Ukraine, China looks the other way

In the Chinese readout of the meeting, Xi did not even refer to the much-heralded “strategic partnership” between Beijing and Moscow, observed Shi Yinhong, an international relations professor at Renmin University in Beijing. It was “the most prudent, or most low-key statement in years” issued by Xi on their strategic relationship, Shi said. The shift … Read more

Cloned Arctic wolf named Maya could help preserve endangered animals

A Beijing-based genetics company has successfully cloned an Arctic wolf, an act that could help preserve endangered species. Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the wolf named Maya one hundred days after she was born on 10 June. And she was created through the same technique behind Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal, cloned in Scotland in 1996.  … Read more

EU plans new sanctions after Putin’s nuclear escalation threat

Press play to listen to this article Europe is drawing up plans to hit Russia with fresh sanctions amid demands for a swift response, after Vladimir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons in his war against Ukraine.  The Russian dictator announced a major escalation on Wednesday, including the mobilization of 300,000 Russian reservists and a warning … Read more

China says will do all it can for peaceful Taiwan ‘reunification’

Beijing says the self-ruled island is part of China and has been increasingly assertive over its claim. Beijing says it is willing to make the utmost effort to strive for peaceful “reunification” with self-ruled Taiwan, after staging major military manoeuvres around the island in recent weeks. While China claims Taiwan as its territory, the island’s … Read more

On TikTok, an Album Containing Old Wartime Photos Causes Havoc

On the morning of August 29th, Evan Kail, the owner of St. Louis Park Gold & Silver, a Minnesota precious-metal dealership, received a batch of packages containing valuables for appraisal. Throughout the day, Kail, who is thirty-three, picked through the haul, mostly assorted coins and jewelry. He noted the condition of the contents of each … Read more

Europe edges closer to a ban on facial recognition

Press play to listen to this article Should the EU ban software that can pick a face out of a crowd? A growing political coalition thinks so — and just received heavyweight support from the third largest group in the EU parliament, where a majority is now in favor of banning facial recognition tech that … Read more

China faces pressure at United Nations after Xinjiang report

Diplomats and human rights advocates are stepping up pressure on the United Nations to act over China’s treatment of the Uighurs and other mostly Muslim ethnic groups, as Beijing tries to head off further scrutiny of what is happening in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. The call for action took place as world leaders arrived … Read more

Taiwan’s amateur fact-checkers wage war on fake news from China

Taipei, Taiwan – As China flexed its muscles with large-scale military exercises off Taiwan last month, Billion Lee was busy countering an onslaught taking place against her home online. False stories claiming that the United States was preparing for war with China, that China was evacuating its citizens from Taiwan, or that Taiwan had paid … Read more

UK parliament U-turns on letting Chinese delegation view Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

LONDON — A visiting Chinese delegation has been allowed to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state following a U-turn by U.K. parliamentary authorities. Vice President Wang Qishan and three other representatives of the Chinese government were invited into Westminster Hall, which forms part of the Houses of Parliament, on Sunday afternoon. POLITICO revealed on Thursday … Read more

27 dead after bus overturns on highway in China

BEIJING — A bus overturned on an expressway in southwestern China on Sunday, leaving 27 people dead and injuring 20 others, police said. The early morning accident was in Sandu county, which is southeast of the city of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, a brief police statement said. The bus had 47 people on … Read more